How to Increase Your Chances of Bookings



Keeping your profile updated with current-look photos is essential to remaining prominent in our searches, whilst also enabling productions to see exactly what you look like right now. The older your photos, the less inclined we are to believe that this is an accurate representation of yourself today.

The Rise of the selfie has been dramatic in modern life, but also the film industry. Make up artists who play a part in booking you will usually ask for current selfies to check they are happy. We recommend uploading current-look photos at least once every month or immediately after you have had a dramatic hair cut.

Once logged into your profile, you will have the ability to tag your photographs into certain categories. The categories that we use the most are:

Current Look: Front

Current Look: Side

Current Look: Back

Photographs do not need to be professional headshots, but can be simply well-lit selfies taken with a camera phone. Be sure the selfies are well-framed, well-lit and in-focus. No filters or photoshopped images. The production want to see what you look like naturally.

If you do not upload photos like these, there is a very good chance that you will not be booked.

Good Selfies Example.jpg

In the other photo categories, we welcome alternative looks and styles of make-up, hair and wardrobe. Alternative looks help our team consider you for a wider range of roles. However, please ensure that it easy to find your most natural, every-day look using the photo categories listed above.

If you turn up to set with a radically different look than what is displayed on your most recent profile pictures, (such as an obvious change in hair length, colour or style, or with new visible tattoos, piercings or scars etc.), production will be inclined to release you immediately.

Optimising Your Profile

  • Fill in as many measurements as possible.

    • Profiles with no Chest/Dress or Waist measurements will be ignored by our bookers.

    • We search by measurements to find Doubles and Stand-In roles.

  • Ensure all contact information is correct and up-to-date.

    • We often chase last minute bookings over the phone.

    • Have an Emergency Contact.

  • Keep your home address up-to-date.

    • Some productions require artists to live within a certain radius of the filming location.

    • Compensation for travel expenses is sometimes calculated using your listed home address.

  • Be sure to fill in your skills, experience, training and spoken languages etc.

    • Roles that demand prior experience or a specific skillset are very common.

    • Artists with particular skills have a higher chance of booking.

Responding to Enquiries

Quick and accurate responses to enquiries are essential.

We find that we receive the first 75% of the responses within the first 20 minutes of sending the enquiry. We usually leave enquiries open for 24 hours for those that cannot respond immediately, but productions often want to see options as soon as possible.