Extra People bring you the chitless system...

Are you an Assistant Director tired of filling in hundreds of chits on a daily basis? Then we have a new system that is going to revolutionise the way you work.

Using our online and offline system, you can log in on any device  and see all the people you have on set. You can sign them in & wrap them all with just a few clicks of a button, add any additional fee's they have incurred and even sort out any travel expenses there and then.

Our system then calculates your daily reports, so you can keep track of your budgets. Your accountants get a log in so they can keep tabs of running costs, and pre-approve figures before the invoice is raised. 

All our SA's are prepped for it so they wont be asking for copies, they know they can log into their account and get it straight away.

Artistes have also signed a digital release form before ever turning up on set. We send it to them before they ever work using our software thats legally binding in UK, USA and European law. 

The artistes then get 24 hours to approve their digital chit or query it before we send off for invoicing. No more calls 2 months later asking if you can remember if Joe Bloggs had a haircut one day, no more misplaced chits and no more long que's of people at your desk at the end of a day!

Call us today to find out more and to discuss how we can help.