Major TV Series based in BRISTOL

"The Spanish Princess"


Do you want to be an extra in a worldwide TV series filming in Bristol?

We are looking for people aged between 16-100 to take part in this fantastic new production set in Tudor times. Following on from the very successful TV series, The White Queen and the White Princess, We are now looking for people with excellent availability, a professional approach and their own transport to be in this new series, The Spanish Princess.

Locations are filming in and around Bristol, often in places not accessible by public transport so people with their own cars / motorbikes would be very helpful.

You must be up for early starts! Call times (start times) will often be between 6-7am in order to get you into costume and hair and make up ready for filming.

You must be self employed to undertake this work.

You will not become an employee of Extra People.

You must have a right to work in the UK. You will be asked to prove this with either a passport or birth certificate.

How much does it pay?

Basic Daily Rate - 10 hours including an hour lunch between 0700 - 0000 - £105 (Breakfast and lunch provided on set by caterers)

Overtime per half hour - £7.50

Basic Night Rate - 10 hours scheduled to extend past midnight - £125

Night OT per half hour - £9.50

Early Call Payments per hour (for calls before 0700) - £10

Additional Travel Fee to Locations Outside The Radius - £5

Upgrade 1 - £20 - Special Skills/Dancing/Handling an Animal/Wetting Down

Upgrade 2 - £30 - Creative Reaction either to cast/camera/NS Scripted Character

Upgrade 3  - £50 -  Dialogue

Haircut - £10

Half Day Fitting/Non Performance up to 4 hours - £25

Full Day Fitting/Non Performance up to 8 hours - £45

All rates are subject to 20% agency commission.

What do you need to do?

Please click the link below and apply. 

Fill in your profile application as much as possible. The more photos the better!

We need to present you to the costume team to check you fit the costume. So please ensure you have your measurements correctly filled in.

We then need to check your hair length to see if your hair fits the correct period we are filming. So when in your profile, please go to your photos and add:

Current Look: Front

Current Look: Side

Current Look: Back

Previous productions in the series