POP vs EP Profiles; Whats the Difference?

We get asked this question a lot.

In the below article we try and clear it up…

Its no secret that Extra People (EP) is one of the agencies on the POP platform. But what not everyone knows is, that we are one of the few that has its own private database of artists as well.

Whereas a POP profile can be seen by multiple agencies, an EP Profile can only be seen by Extra People.

Why should this benefit you?

Essentially we prioritise EP profiles when searching for artists. Many of the jobs we work on, we only contact our EP artists. We will contact a POP profile when we can’t find the right person on the EP database. Meaning, if you only have a POP profile, there are dozens of working opportunities passing you by.

So if you have a POP profile but have not heard from EP in a while, well thats because we might be contacting our own artists first.

Which profile should I have?

You can have both, and its beneficial to have both. Your POP profile increases your chance of work across the platform. Your EP profile greatly increases your chance of work with us. We are a stand alone agency, so you truly benefit from having both.

Having access to two pools of artists improves our capabilities as an agency, being on multiple databases widens an artist’s net for gaining work.

We would advise creating an EP profile and filling it in as much as possible.

Are there any other benefits?

More work offers is the obvious answer. Spread your net wide and you get more people working to bring you job opportunities.

From an artist’s perspective, EP and POP profiles function very similarly. However, the team at Extra People have no access to the internal information of a POP profile, and every authority over an EP profile. Practically speaking, this means that should your password need resetting, your Right-to-Work documentation or DBS need updating, or any of your contact details, measurements, skills or photos need changing on the fly - we can immediately modify your profile to what’s needed.

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