Dear Artists,

What an incredible year it has been. I’m sure 2018 will certainly be a year that is documented in film and TV for many years to come. The joys of Donald Trump, Theresa May and Brexit will surely have script writers brimming with idea’s.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who we have worked with this year. 2018 has been our best ever year and all signs point to that continuing in 2019.

Over the past 12 months we have provided near 20,000 people on productions spanning 300 years on this earth and in outer space! I’d like to thank each and every one of you for all the hard work you have done. 

We know its not always easy being a supporting artiste… the early starts, the wet days, the long nights. 2018 has certainly thrown many of us its challenges. When the Beast from the east hit, SA’s found a way to film sets covered in snow whilst office workers worked from home. When the summer heatwave hit, SA’s stood strong, shoulder to shoulder in thick period costumes whilst office workers enjoyed air conditioning. When schedules change, locations fell through, actors fall sick… the SA’s and bookers were the ones to react and juggle their lives around. ‘Keep calm and carry on’ has never felt more appropriate.

Without you, Extra People does not exist and you are all a very important cog in this golden age of TV and Film that we currently live in.

This year our team acquired a 4th member in Demi Coulson. Demi has been a fantastic addition to the team and when her first ever lookbook was sent to a production and met with a rapturous applause, I knew we had hired someone with a great eye for casting.

Next year we will be adding to the team and I look forward to telling you more about that when the time has come.

The better our team gets, the more work we hopefully we will be offering. 

I’d like to encourage you all to log into your profiles and ensure we start the year with healthy, filled in, selfie present profiles. The more casting fields we can search on, the more up to date selfies we can see, the better chance we have of booking you. As many of you know, its incredibly competitive out there for artistes and agencies alike.

Our office mantra is and always has been that we are only as good as our artists. I still stand by that today.

One of the key components to my job is going out and winning new business. My biggest selling point is our ability as an agency and our relationship with our artists. We win work through our hard work, our reputation and of course, you. The better we can be together, the more work I can win us.

Have a lovely Christmas wherever you may be and I look forward to Extra People working with you all in 2019.

Best wishes,


Steve, Demi and Hannah.