How to get more work...

When a booker submits you to production with your photos, there can be multiple departments to approve you, before you are booked.  We have written this page to help you understand the process which we think in turn, might help you get more work.

The industry has seen a big change over the past few years, notably a huge increase in the number of productions filming.  Its busier than ever and the quality and attention to detail by British Film crews are a huge reason behind this.

One of the effects of this attention to detail is the rise of the selfie.

Why Selfies?

Well, so we can see your current look! We don't mean glossy selfies with an instagram filter and the best possible version of yourself. We mean a good picture displaying your current neutral look. 

Hopefully we all understand the desire to create authentic scenes within our films. So casting the right background for a scene or period is crucial. The old standard white full length casting photo's are slowly becoming less required, and a picture of your current look more desirable.

People's appearances change quite often. Gents, sometimes you get a haircut really short, or you're sporting a beard. Ladies, perhaps you've had some highlights done or a short bob cut in.

Because of this, over the years people have turned up to fittings or filming, no longer looking like their photos. The need for an accurate current look has developed.

So you tell us you're available...then what?

  1. When you tell us you are available,  we the bookers in Extra People will submit you to the production to, almost always our contact, the Assistant Director. The AD will then make their shortlist.
  2. This shortlist will then be presented to the hair and make up team. If you are working on a period drama for example, the hair length has to be right and its their job to check it.  They will take out anyone they don't feel fits the period we are casting for. 
  3. Once hair and make up have approved their shortlist, The shortlist then is presented to the costume team. The costume department will check to see they have  costumes to fit you.
  4. Once all of these are approved by the relevant teams., the final shortlist will be presented to the director to check they are happy with the choices. 
  5. The final choices are returned to us at Extra People and we book you! 

There are a lot of people seeing your face and measurements. This is why sometimes it takes a while to get back to you with an answer.  Its also important why you should take a moment to think about your photos. Do you want that many people seeing a photo of you that you didn't really give any thought or attention to?

What can you do to improve your chances?

Well, its all about having an up to date profile. The people who do get booked over and over. We now search our database by who has updated their profile recently!

We find that people who are actively engaged with their profiles reap the most work.

So...we need to present pictures of you in a certain format. 

Below is an example of how you appear on a lookbook to our AD's.

It has your name measurements and of course, photos. You can see we have a time stamp on it. This is important because it tells us how recent your photos are. If your selfies are more than a month old, its likely the production team will ask for new ones to check you haven't had a hair cut. Thats why its important to ensure these are updated regularly.

Where can you upload?

On your profile under photographs:

Current Look: Front

Current Look: Side

Current Look: Back

This is how it appears:
Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 14.19.56 copy.png

We hope this helps, please log in and update your profiles. We hope to be in contact soon!